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Stride Length and Cadence Calculator Take the Guesswork Out of Running Faster

The Pace Calculator displays pace in decimal format. Use this chart to convert decimal hours to minutes.

Conversion chart for stride length and cadence calculator

Stride Length  and Cadence Calculator

This is the only stride length and cadence  calculator of its kind.

We  know it’s easy to calculate your pace from time and distance data using a traditional pace calculator, but this won’t help you get faster. You need to understand the two variables that you can train to  improve as a runner: your cadence and stride length.

Running Cadence: Your leg turnover rate or how many steps you take in one minute of running.

Stride Length: The distance you travel with one running step.

If you use a Garmin or other run-tracking device, you should be able to see your average cadence and stride length from previous runs.

How to Use the Running Pace Calculator

Step 1: Enter your average cadence in the first box.

Step 2: Enter your average stride length in the second box.

Step 3: Press EnterTab, or the Done button.

Your Average Running Pace will be Displayed in minutes per mile in decimal format. Use the chart below the calculator to convert the decimal portion of the number to minutes. For example, 0.25 is the same as 15 minutes; 0.50 is the same as 30 minutes, etc.

For more information on how to use the ORS Running Pace Calculator to get faster, click here.

The Perfect Combination

When you use the ORS Running Pace Calculator in combination with our music playlists and free music-based, audio-guided workouts, magic happens!