We Know What it Feels Like to Want to Stay on the Couch Let ORS Motivate You to Get Up and Go


Excellent Program. The music, instruction, the upbeat tempo. I loved how it was composed and put together.

Bruno LoGreco Marathon Runner & Best Selling Author

This is a great way to get started running again!! I’m looking forward to my next running session.

Jerry Bennion Runner
Darlene DeFusco

The beats of the music truly affect your cadence and pace….Definitely a program to help anyone improve and reach their running goals!

Darlene DeFusco Ultrarunner and 100-mile Finisher

Getting Started with ORS is Easy


ACCESS WORKOUTS OR PLAYLISTS Click on our free workouts or free music playlists that align to your preferred cadence and workout goals.


SELECT A WORKOUT OR PLAYLIST Choose a workout or music playlist to supplement your training or use one of our out-of-the-box training plans.


STEP TO THE BEAT Follow the beat of the music (and if you're trying a workout follow the audio-guided coaching) to crush your next workout.

Look Forward to Every Running Workout

Running Workouts for Running Alone
Music in Every Workout Music has been scientifically proven to help boost your physical performance, endurance, and recovery. It’s also been shown to make exercise more enjoyable.
Running Workouts for Running Alone
Audio-Guided Coaching Enjoy the benefits of having your very own “coach in your ear” that will teach you how to run properly while reducing your chances of getting injured by running.
Running Workouts for Running Alone
Flexible Training Plans Who has time for training plans that are 8, 12, or 18 weeks long? Our plans can be completed in a month or less, and you can choose from a variety, depending on need.

What Can ORS Running Workouts Do For You?

Treasure Coast Marathon Podium

There are tons of free downloadable training plans and running apps out there. Some tell you which workouts to do on which days, and others provide motivation and encouragement but little instruction.

What do you actually need to become a better runner?

At Off to a Running Start, we’re all about teaching you how to have fun while running. Because when you understand how to run properly and enjoy doing it, you will thrive as a runner.

With ORS Pro, you’ll be able to access hundreds of on-demand, music-based running workouts, and we’ll release new running workouts and training programs over time, to equip you for every aspect of your running. In fact, you can even request a custom workout! Soon, you’ll be enjoying your running workouts. In other words, you’ll run with less effort and more enjoyment.

Stop wasting your time and money.

Don’t settle for free mobile apps that only tell you when to start walking or running or overpriced ones that simply cheer you on and tell you to keep you going. In addition, free training plans that you download from the Internet don’t actually teach you how to run, as a result you’ll show little improvement. Since these things won’t move the needle for your running, they’re a waste of your time and money.

Get Off to a Running Start Pro today, and start enjoying a lifelong love affair with running.

ORS Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't run yet–I'm a walker.

ORS has something for everyone, from walkers, to newbie runners, to seasoned pros. In fact, many runners enjoy our walking and walk/run workouts on their “off” or cross-training days. And we have a program that help walkers transition to running.

Can I use a treadmill?

Yes! We have created sessions specifically for treadmills, and many of our other workouts can be used on a treadmill too. You can adjust the speed manually throughout the session, and listen to the workouts through headphones or your phone’s speaker.

Do I need to use headphones?

No, you don’t have to wear headphones to do the workouts, you can use the speaker on your device if you prefer. However, we find that if safety is a concern, having one earbud in and one out works the best, to ensure you can hear the audio guidance and the beat of the music.

I’m already a pro–can you help me?

Of course! Everyone can learn something new by using ORS and the frequent reminders about running with good form help runners of all ability levels. Plus, pro runners can stay motivated with our music soundtracks or challenge themselves with our speed work.
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