Jeanette Beninati A.K.A. Jupiter Running Girl

Hi there! I’m Jeanette, the creator of Off to a Running Start. I’m a mom, wife, former classroom teacher, and ultra-runner who became a certified running coach to help others achieve their running dreams.

My passion is helping runners discover how to get faster without getting injured. After all, we all want to be able to continue running well into our 90s, right? I achieve this by sharing research-based strategies for optimizing cadence and maximizing stride–which are the two most important components that can positively impact your running.

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Hear What Other Runners Hay to Say


Excellent Program. The music, instruction, the upbeat tempo. I loved how it was broken down into sections leading to a faster pace before slowing down again, and how it was  composed and put together.

Bruno L. Marathon Runner from New York, NY

Jeanette (a.k.a. Jupiter Running Girl) constantly challenges me to be a better runner and to push myself a little harder. She has taught me a lot and continues to be an inspiration!

Phillip J. Trail Runner Newbie from West Palm Beach, FL

I tested the program and realized that the beats of the music truly affect your cadence and pace….Definitely a program to help anyone improve and reach their goals!

Darlene D. Ultra Runner from Jupiter, FL