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To Become the Best Runner You Can Be You Must Master the Basics But there's a problem...

You're Unmotivated It's OK. We've all been there. You started out with good intentions but now just the thought of lacing up for another boring run is starting to get to you and you fear you may give up.
You Lack Confidence You learned how to run when you were two years old, right? Well...not really. And now that your knees hurt, you're starting to realize that learning the basics might not be a bad idea.
You Don't Have a Plan Even if you're not interested in getting on the podium at your next 5K, you will benefit from following a training plan designed to help you achieve your best and stay injury-free.

Your ORS Membership Makes it Easy to Master Key Running Skills All Included with Your Premium Subscription

The FUNdamentals of Running Training Program

You tried Couch to 5K but struggled because it didn’t teach you how to run. Learn the basics of cadence and form while run/walking your way to breaking a PR.

The Off to a Running Start Training Program

You’ve downloaded every free training plan out there but haven’t gotten any faster. Learn how to improve your overall running fitness in this four week program and finally earn a spot on the podium.

100 Minutes to a Faster You Training Program

You’ve been running for awhile now but you know you could run faster. Learn how making a few tweaks to your running form in just four workouts can make you a faster runner.

Standalone Run, Walk, and Run/Walk Workouts

You’re happy with your training but need something to motivate you on days when you have to run alone. Use our standalone workouts in place of your regular speed work, intervals, or recovery sessions.

Excellent Program. The music, instruction, the upbeat tempo. I loved how it was composed and put together.

Bruno LoGreco Marathon Runner & Best Selling Author

This is a great way to get started running again!!

Jerry Bennion Runner
Darlene DeFusco

The beats of the music truly affect your cadence and pace….Definitely a program to help anyone improve and reach their running goals!

Darlene DeFusco Ultrarunner and 100-mile Finisher

How can you experience real running improvement?

Jupiter Running Girl on the podium

There are tons of free downloadable training plans and running apps out there. Some tell you which workouts to do on which days, and others provide motivation and encouragement but little instruction.

But what do you actually need to become a better runner?

Off to a Running Start is all about teaching people how to run. When you understand the basic mechanics of running form and a little bit about cadence and how to optimize it, you will thrive.

Coaching provided on all workouts will teach you how to optimize your cadence, maximize your stride, and minimize your chance of incurring overuse injuries, such as bad knees or shin splints. And you’ll learn everything while you are working out, saving precious time in your busy week.

We’ll regularly release new workouts to equip you for every aspect of your running. Soon, you’ll be running with less effort and more enjoyment.

Even better, every workout in the ORS program leverages our proprietary “stepping-to-the-beat” music-based formula, that gradually helps you increase your cadence, slowly over time, to help you not only run faster but run better. The whole system is designed to make running fun and engaging.

Don’t settle for free mobile apps that only tell you when to start walking or running or overpriced ones that simply cheer you on to keep you going, or free training plans that don’t actually teach you how to run. None of these will move the needle for your running and are a waste of your time and money. Access to Off to a Running Start today and watch your running start to take off.

ORS Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't run yet–I'm a walker.

ORS has something for everyone, from walkers, to newbie runners, to seasoned pros. In fact, many runners enjoy our walking and walk/run workouts on their “off” or cross-training days. And we have tutorial sessions that help walkers transition to running.

Can I use a treadmill?

Yes! We have created sessions specifically for treadmills, and many of our other workouts can be used on a treadmill too. You can adjust the speed manually throughout the session, and listen to the workouts through headphones or your phone’s speaker.

Do I need to use headphones?

No, you don’t have to wear headphones to do the workouts, you can use the speaker on your device if you prefer. However, we find that if safety is a concern, having one earbud in and one out works the best, to ensure you can hear the audio guidance and the beat of the music.

I’m already a pro–can you help me?

Of course! Everyone can learn something new by using ORS and the frequent reminders about running with good form help runners of all ability levels. Plus, pro runners can stay motivated with our original music soundtracks or challenge themselves with our speed work.

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