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All of our sessions contain audio-guided coaching plus cadence-based music so you can work on improving your running form and leg turnover at the same time.

Walking Workouts For Walkers Who Want to Get Started

Our walking sessions are great for people who want to add interest and fun to their walking routine, or for those who want to get started after a period of inactivity.

Walk/Run Workouts For Newbie Runners Just Starting Out

Our walk/run sessions alternate walking with bursts of running for those transitioning from walking to running or those that want to add intervals into their program.

Running Workouts For Runners of All Ability Levels

We have many different types of running workouts to supplement any training program, including progression runs, tempo runs, and long steady distance.

Perfect for Athletes of All Ability Levels Get inspired by an Ironman, Triathlete & Ultra Runner

Shelley is the Director of Fitness at the Jupiter Hills Club in Hobe Sound, FL. She is also a level 1 USATF coach, certified personal trainer, sports and strength conditioning specialist, water safety instructor, certified spin instructor and a stretch facilitator. When she isn’t working with clients, she’s completing triathlons and running races where she frequently earns a podium spot in her age group! Here’s what she had to say after trying the program:

“This program is phenomenal! Before I listened to it, I wondered why I would want to buy a running program to listen to music with certain beats per minute when I could find my own music for free? I was amazed at how helpful the descriptions on form were, and even though I was aware of some of the techniques that were shared, they came to life while running as I was coached through them. I’m a fan!!”

Thanks for the kind words, Shelly!

Shelley, on a sunrise run through sandy trails where she resides in South Florida.

Excellent Program. The music, instruction, the upbeat tempo. I loved how it was broken down into sections leading to a faster pace before slowing down again, and how it was  composed and put together.

Bruno L. Marathon Runner from New York, NY

Jeanette constantly challenges me to be a better runner and to push myself a little harder. She has taught me a lot and continues to be an inspiration!

Phillip J. Trail Runner Newbie from West Palm Beach, FL

I tested the program and realized that the beats of the music truly affect your cadence and pace….Definitely a program to help anyone improve and reach their goals!

Darlene D. Ultra Runner from Jupiter, FL

What Will I Learn? Our Program will Teach Your the Fundamentals of Good Running

Running Cadence and Running Form

Learn all about what running cadence is, why it’s important, and how it can reduce your chances of incurring injuries. Also find out how making small adjustments to your arms, hips, and ankles can improve your running economy.

Stride Length and Performance

Find out why increasing the length of your stride isn’t about reaching your leg out further in front of you when you run. Also, learn how increasing it the right way can dramatically improve your overall running performance.

Overstriding and Heel Striking

Changing your running form should be done systematically and gradually. Learn how to improve your running form while reducing vertical oscillation and GRF (ground reaction force) when you run to help you run longer and faster.

Running Intervals Speed Work

The best way to improve your cadence is to add short bursts of faster running into your running program. We’ll help you run intervals by following the beat of the music, eliminating the need to check your watch during your workout.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't run yet–I'm a walker.

This program has something for everyone, from walkers, to newbie runners, to seasoned pros. In fact, many runners enjoy our walking and walk/run workouts on their “off” or cross-training days. And we have tutorial sessions that help walkers transition to running.

Can I use a treadmill?

Yes! We have created sessions specifically for treadmills, and many of our other workouts can be used on a treadmill too. You may have to increase the speed on your own throughout the session, but as long as you can hear the workouts through headphones or speakers, you should be all set.

Do I need to use headphones?

No, you don’t have to wear headphones to do the workouts, you can use the speaker on your device if you prefer. However, we find that if safety is a concern, having one earbud in and one out works the best, to ensure you can hear the audio guidance and the beat of the music.

I’m already a pro-can you help me?

Of course! Everyone can learn something new by using this program and the frequent reminders about running with good form help runners of all ability levels. Plus, pro runners can stay motivated with our original music soundtracks or challenge themselves with our speed work.

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Jeanette Beninati (Jupiter Running Girl) is a lifelong runner. She earned her coaching certification from the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy. She’s a teacher and educator by trade, a health and fitness enthusiast, and has completed several ultramarathons. Follow her on Instagram (@jupiterrunninggirl)  and Twitter (@jeni_beni).


Andrea Toman is a casual runner. She has completed half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks.  Her background is in education, technology, and politics. She homeschools her kids and runs her marketing and campaign consulting business from her home. Visit her personal website.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please get in touch with us!

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