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Warm-up Walk!

This 22-minute all-walking session will teach you how to “step to the beat”, which is a foundational skill in the “Off to a Running Start” program.

WALKING Walking All the Way

30-minute all-walking session. Learn about the benefits of walking while you step to a fast walking beat.

135-140 steps per minute

WALK/RUN Intro to Running

30-minute walking session that introduces short bursts of running. A great way to transition to running if you’re a walker.

165-170 steps per minute

RUNNING Running Cadence & Form

30-minute running session that teaches all about optimizing your cadence while running with good form.

173-176 steps per minute

NEW! BONUS SESSION (Beta) Hanson Tuesday Speedwork

This is a beta version of a new workout for testing. It starts with a 5-minute warm-up jog, then alternates two minutes of running at 165 SPM with two-and-a-half minutes of sprinting at 180 SPM, repeated twelve times. It ends with a 5-minute cool down walk.

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