FREE Running Clinics

Join me for one of my March 2019 free running clinics.

Option 1 is being held at Riverbend Park on Saturday March 23rd, from 8 AM to 10 AM. Click here to reserve your spot!

Can’t make it on the weekends but still want to join? No problem! With the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, I’ve added a weekday option too.

Option 2 is being held at Jupiter Community Park on Thursday March 28th, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Click here to reserve your spot!

About this Event


(15 mins) Meet & Greet

(15 mins) Warm-up Group Walk

(15 mins) “Before Videos”

(45 mins) Off to a Running Start Workout

(15 mins) “After Videos

(15 mins) Cool Down, Giveaways & Refreshments

The silent disco of running!

Join me for a fun and instructional running event like none other! It’s kind of like a silent disco if you’ve ever been to one of those. Except, instead of dancing to music you hear through your headphones, you’ll be running to the beat with your own personal running coach–me!

Here’s how the two hours will break down:

For the first 15 minutes, we’ll have a “meet and greet” where you’ll be able to introduce yourself to the group and let everyone know why you’re passionate about running. You can also tell us about your goals for the day’s session and anything else you feel like talking about.

Next, you’ll participate with the entire group in a 1-mile warm-up walk, because your muscles are going to need to be nice and warmed up for what’s going to happen next. Suffice it to say, you’re really going to be getting your sweat on!

After the warm-up, I’ll ask you to run a few hundred yards while I record your current running stride on video. (Afterwards, I’ll send you a copy of the video including a detailed analysis of what I see concerning your form and things you can work on to improve.)

Next, you’ll put on your headphones, select an Off to a Running Start audio-guided workout and head out on the trails, by yourself. This is where the “silent disco” part comes in…because everyone has a different stride length, leg strength, and base running cadence. You’ll get the most out of this instructional component if you do this portion of the clinic by yourself. Trust me, you won’t get bored and you’ll enjoy it too! You may choose to run on any of the park’s trails that you’d like, especially if you know your way around. If not, I’ll make sure you have a great route to run so that you don’t get lost! During this 30-minute workout, you’ll run to the beat of a musical soundtrack while listening to expert coaching tips and techniques that you can put into action right on the spot!! The idea is to let the beat of the music regulate your cadence, while you conscientiously work on your form. If you do it right, you’ll be tired by the time you complete your 30 minute-workout. And by the time you finish, you might be running faster than you were previously, after just one instructional session!

When your workout is over, and you return to our meeting place, I’ll video record you running again, in case your form has improved. (I will also include an analysis of this “after” video in the follow-up I send you too.)

And during the final 15 minutes, I’ll hand out some groovy Off to a Running Start goodies, tell you more about my training program, and serve post-workout refreshments.

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Running Clinic Workout Options After completing the warm-up session, select one of the following workouts.

WALKING Walking All the Way

30-minute all-walking session. Learn about the benefits of walking while you step to a fast walking beat.

135-140 steps per minute

WALK/RUN Intro to Running

30-minute walking session that introduces short bursts of running. A great way to transition to running if you’re a walker.

165-170 steps per minute

RUNNING Running Cadence & Form

30-minute running session that teaches all about optimizing your cadence while running with good form.

173-176 steps per minute

BONUS SESSION Intro to Intervals

This is a 4-minute bonus session that will teach you how to run a quick sprint interval. You’ll start out running for a minute, slow down to a walk for another minute before sprinting for 30 seconds at 194 BPM and then slow it down again.

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